EZPro Chopper

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The EZPro Chopper is the easiest way to chop all your fruits and vegetables. EZPro Chopper is excellent for making homemade coleslaw, salsa, tabbouleh, sofrito, and guacamole.
The set includes:
EZPro Chopper
– Chopping Blade
– Whipping Blade
– Egg Separator
– EZPro Chopper Instructions
– Includes BONUS Slicer Kit for FREE!
* Includes a 5 Year Warranty
EZPro Chopper is only available at Live Demonstrations and on ShopEZPro.com website.  EZPro Choppers and all EZPro Products are not sold on store shelves or any other websites.  Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. ONLY EZPro Chopper has all the attachments listed above and a 5 Year Warranty